pulse water meter wifi wireless sub-metering system

Pulse Water Meter WiFi Wireless Sub-Metering System

  • $70.00

The Log-Alert WiFi water metering system connects to any pulse water meter on the market and sends the data to our online cloud system.  The purchaser receives an easy to use custom web dashboard (click to see sample dashboard) where the water meter data is shown via pulse and gallons over time graphs.  The meter data can also be downloaded to an excel format file via electable time frames.  Adjustable alerts can be sent via email to the user(s) for flows that get out of range, a water leak (extended water flow).  There is no cost for the web dashboard service.

A rechargeable lithium battery option is available but due to the large power demands of WiFi we recommend an electric version unless you have no electric power available.  If you choose the battery option the system will come programmed to be in a sleep mode (but still counting pulses) and waking up once a day to send the data via WiFi.  In this mode the rechargeable lithium battery system typically last 1 to 1.5 years.  If you prefer the system to wake up and report more than once a day please send us a message.

Our system comes equipped with a WPS WiFi router connection option.  The user only has to push a WPS button to connect the system to their WiFi router.  If the router does not have a WPS button (or is disabled) one can also connect by manually typing in the router's WiFi password via a smart phone.  The system's web dashboard is already prepared.  There is no app or program to download and no online forms to fill out.  Log-Alert will send an email to the purchaser that contains installation instructions and their web dashboard's user name and password (can be changed by user).

Worried about security issues with your network?  Our system only sends out data and it does not utilize an operating system.  Consequently our system is less vulnerable to network attacks than other IOT devices currently on the market.


Water Use WiFi Metering Kit Includes:

System component box, electric power cord/plug (rechargeable lithium battery version is optional) and 6' cable that connects to the pulse water meter.  



  • WPS button allows for easy WiFi router connection.
  • Detects & emails/texts an alert for water leak or out of range water use
  • Free online dashboard with graph and Excel data download
  • No app or program to download... can view via phone, tablet or computer