Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

  • $11.50

Each 6.5 foot temperature sensor has a water tight stainless steel sensing tip with a 3.5mm male connecting plug on the opposite side.  The 3.5mm plug allows for easy and quick connecting of the sensor(s).  The sensors have a wide operating temperature range of -67°F to 257°F with a ±0.8°F accuracy from 14°F to 185°F.  If you need a much lower or higher temperature sensor please see our K-sensor systems here.   It's range is -100°C To 1250°C.  If there is more than one attached sensor we will add a color coded clip to each sensor (see blue clip in above picture). 


The color clips on the sensors are synced with their line color on the online dashboard graph.  The color cross referencing allows one to readily differentiate the sensors with their graph representation.


A big advantage of our plug and play system is the convenience of connecting multiple sensors.  We offer inexpensive 2 to 1 sensor splitters that allow one to simply press in sensors into one or more splitter connectors to expand the amount of sensors.  You can add a splitter to your cart here.

Up to 7 temperature sensors can effortlessly be daisy chained for each Log-Alert system (without other sensor types attached).

When seating a sensor plug into a splitter or receiver it must be pressed in fully.  A partially inserted sensor connection can short out the system and will inhibit 
the system from connecting to WiFi or properly functioning.