Dashboard Graphs


Each system kit has its own unique custom dashboard and graph(s).  Log-Alert offers the standard white background or an optional black background dashboard version.  The user can toggle between them from within the settings page.  Below are examples of two graphs that showcase various features and advantages of our dashboard.              

The solar water dashboard below showcases 5 temperature sensors and 2 CT (electric) sensors.  The user can see from the CT sensors as to when the pumps and backup heating element are running and each temperature reading at any given time.  It also illustrates the electrical use in kWh of the pumps and the backup elements.  The BTU (calculated by in and out temperatures with gpm flow of the pump) generation is converted to kWh and then subtracted by the pump kWh use to provide the net electrical power generated by the system. The settings page allows the user to customize the pump flow and temperature sensors to determine the BTUs.


The commercial heat pump water heater dashboard below monitors the incoming and outgoing temperatures of the water and freon refrigerant that flows through a flat plate heat exchanger.  In addition it shows as to when the system turns on and off.  The primary benefits of this dashboard is that it can send an alert in case the water temperature differential (between the in and out flow of the heat exchanger) starts to increase past a preset level.  A temperature increase is a sign of possible hard water scale buildup within the heat exchanger or a pump flow issue.