Electric Meter Use Wifi Wireless Sub-Metering System

Electric Meter Use Wifi Wireless Sub-Metering System

  • $68.00

Our WiFi electric metering system doesn't just calculate electric use it also allows one to store the data in our cloud system and convert it to Excel.  In addition it can send email warnings of prolonged or high electric use (user settable limits).

Our WiFi systems are compatible with ANY pulse electric meter on the market.  You are not limited to our meters.  

Electric Use WiFi Metering Kit Includes:

  • System component box, 6' power cord/plug (battery case is optional) and 8' cable connected pulse electric meter.  You can add up to two electric pulse meters per box.
  • You must chose an electric pulse meter to attach to this system kit.  Please visit the the electric pulse meter page and add one or two meters to your cart.
  • Detects and emails an alert for possible electric over use
  • Each unit can process 2 separate meters
  • WPS button allows for easy WiFi router connection... just push buttons!
  • Free online dashboard with graph and Excel data download
  • Waterproof bar code with web address sticker to open dashboard
  • All systems come with built-in temperature and humidity sensors
  • Optional compact water resistant enclosure with wire glands
 Optional Accessories Include:
  • Water leak sensor 
  • Another Electric Meter
  • Temperature Sensor