Attaching Temperature Sensors


Each 6.5 foot temperature sensor has a water tight stainless steel sensing tip with a 3.5mm male connecting plug on the other side.  The 3.5mm plug allows for a quick and easy connection. 

All sensor and extension connectors MUST be pressed FULLY into the sockets or the system can short circuit.  An easy way to determine that a sensor is short circuiting is to view your dashboard chart.  If the sensor(s) values are much higher than they should be then you need to turn off the system and re-seat all sensor and extension connectors.


If there are more than one attached temperature sensors we add color coded clips on each sensor.  The color clips on the sensors are synced with their online chart line values.  This color cross referencing allows one to conveniently differentiate the sensors within the system's online dashboard graph.



Up to 7 temperature sensors can easily be daisy chained via splitters.