Dashboard Settings


The alert section allows an email or text alert to be sent when a condition is met with the sensor values of the system.  In this example below the user set alerts for extreme temperatures, internet failure or if the pumps stop running for a set period of time.  

The above example showcases email alerts but one can also input their text number.  Please see the chart below regarding the proper input format for your carrier.



The export section enables the user to download the sensor data based on beginning and ending dates to an excel spreadsheet or csv file.  One simply chooses the dates/times and clicks a sensor feed (press CTRL while clicking for multiple feeds).  The data will be displayed with sensor readings on specific days and times and allow the user to easily manipulate the data.


The settings section allows the user to change their username, contact information, sensor names, customize sensor calibrations or equations for their specific system kit, upload images and toggle between a black or white background based dashboard (see example below).