Featured Product: Refrigerator / Freezer CDC Compliant Vaccine WiFi Temperature Monitoring, Alarm & Alert System

  • $70.00

For those looking for vaccine monitoring systems that can monitor below -60F we offer a K sensor system that can handle -100C temperatures. Click here to purchase.

CDC and we highly recommend glycol temperature buffer bottles.  By the sensor resting within a bottle of glycol/water solution it will greatly reduce false alarms caused by door openings and HVAC cycle swings.

We also offer for an additional $30 a NIST compliant Certificate of Calibration.  CDC recommends that each sensor that is monitoring a vaccine to have a certificate.  The calibration certificate is valid for 2 years.  For future calibrations, all of our sensors have the ability to be calibrated within the user's online dashboard settings.  We also offer a calibration system switch out program.  Before your 2 year certificate expires we will ship a new calibrated system and you will return your existing system for us to hold for 2 years and return with a new certificate.  It is the most cost effective calibration solution on the market.

No other refrigerator or freezer WiFi monitoring system on the market compares to the simplicity, inexpensiveness and expansiveness of our product.  We offer a single sensor system as well as a multiple sensor system.  The multi sensor system includes easy plug and play temperature sensors with 6.5' cables that can be extended to many different lengths (up to 50' extension cords).  In addition we offer 5 to 1 and 2 to 1 splitters that allow plug and play daisy chaining of up to 5 temperature sensors.  This listing has 1, 2 and 3 sensor system options.  Click here to add more temperature sensors to your cart and here for sensor extension cables.

Owners of the our systems receive a FREE unlimited web dashboard that includes a graph, alert settings, Excel download and general settings pages.  Configure email and or multiple text alerts if temperatures get out of range of preset alert settings.  The graph and temperature reading can easily be seen on any operating system, computer, tablet or smart phone and no app is required.  For owners of multiple systems you will receive a dashboard that includes a drop down menu which allows for easy toggling between the systems. 

We offer the only WiFi monitoring system that includes a WPS button for a quick and easy internet connection.  No frustrating network gobbledygook to decipher... just press a couple buttons and your connected!  If you don't have a WPS enabled router you can link to it by manually typing in it's WiFi password via a smart phone (no app required).  A web dashboard login page, username and password will be emailed to the customer following a purchase.  The user simply inputs their supplied username/password via our dashboard log-in page to access their custom web dashboard... no filling out forms or app to download.

Worried about network security?  Our system only sends out data and it does not utilize an operating system.  Consequently our system is less vulnerable to network attacks than most other IOT devices on the market.

The primary use of our systems are the reception of email and or text alerts in case a temperature value reaches out of the user's preset range.  In case of extended power or network failure our system will email and or text an alert to the client.


Primary Features:

  • WPS button allows for easy WiFi router connection... just push buttons!
  • Real time alerts via email and or text
  • Plug and play inexpensive sensors 
  • Up to 5 temperature sensors can be daisy chained via a splitter
  • Free online dashboard (no subscription) with graph & Excel data download
  • Full refund for 1 year warranty
  • Multiple system drop down menu on master dashboard
  • Calibration feature within system's online dashboard

     Temperature System Kit Includes:

    • System box with one or more 6' temperature sensors and a power cord/plug.  Additional temperature sensors, splitters and extensions can be purchased.


      Optional Accessories Include:

      • SD card (comes with 32gb card)
      • Temperature sensors (maximum 5 per system)
      • 2200mah battery for power backup