Enclosure & Power Options


Case Wiring Diagram

 Log-Alert Case and Wiring

All systems that have external wiring are secured to the case via waterproof cable glands.  They not only help prevent water from entering your case they also assist in keeping the wires from being pulled from the case.  As shown in the image above we offer 3.5 plug sensor female receivers and power supply connectors extending from a waterproof case.  The temperature and CT (electric amperage current transformers) sensors come equipped with 3.5 plug connectors.  All other external devices will be hard wired into the case via the cable glands.

If you choose the AA battery option keep in mind that WiFi can heavily tax batteries.  Pending your application you have the ability to put your system into sleep mode.  In sleep mode the system is still collecting and storing the data but it is not sending it out via WiFi.  You can set the times for the WiFi to turn on and send out the data (and turn back off)... thereby conserving battery power.  For example the battery water sub-metering system kit is preset to send out the water meter use once a day in an effort to preserve battery power.  Typical 10 year lithium AA batteries under this scenario will last 4 years.